Why You Need Training Cage for Your Dog

When you have a dog, you want it to think about the cage as its room or space in the home. Therefore, you should not put your dog in the cage as a punishment because it will connect the enclosure to a punitive measure. At this point, you will discover that dog cage training is an essential aspect of life.

It’s good to house train your lovely pet if you want peace in your home. Dogs are clean animals and will not soil spots that don’t seem to be theirs. Therefore, it is advisable to potty-train your dog before introducing it to the cage. You don’t want the dog to use its precious space as a toilet ground. High levels of hygiene will create a very strong connection between the dog at its living environment. After spending some time in the crate, give your dog a chance to go to the toilet outside so that it does not use the cage as a toilet.

As you buy your dog cage, make sure you are giving your pet enough space to turnaround, standup, lie straight down, or even sit down. In case you are dealing with a puppy, be keen on the dimensions of the cage. Make sure you provide some provisions for the growing of the puppy. It is wise to get a big cage that will accommodate the puppy when it grows up. However, we have some people who prefer to go for huge structures so that the dog can rest on one side and use the other section as a toilet. It all depends on your tastes and preferences but make sure you are getting something that your dog will love.

During training, make sure you leave the cage door open. It will help the dog to get in at any time. Don’t put the cage I corners or out of the way especially if you are dealing with a populated home. The structure should be in a social section in the compound to allow the pet to adapt to it with a lot of ease.

Finally, you can feed the dog from the cage so that it can get used to that environment. If your dog gets to a point where it enters the cage without any prompting, it is a good thing to give it a few treats. These ideas will help your dog to value the pen as an excellent living environment.